Bouncers / Moonwalks

The bouncer or most commonly called moonwalk is the very basic of inflatables. The bouncers have an open space where playing, jumping, and tumbling occur. Some of these inflatables are designed to look like cartoon characters, animals, or places.


The Trackless Train consists of 3 cars and the locomotive. It can haul 18 children or 12 adults at a time.

Dunking Booth

The Easy Dunker holds 500 gallons of water and has a see thru window in the front so you can see the individual in the water after they get dunked.

Dry Slides / Wet Slides

Slides vary in size from large to small. The slides have rubber stepping for the children to climb to the top of the slide in order to slide down. These inflatable slides are not like play ground slides. Safety walls, mesh netting and stoppers are in place to insure children safety.


Combinations, referred to as combos, are more than just a bouncer. Rocking climbing, tunnels, pop-ups, Velcro walls, and slides can be found in different types of combos. With an added activity the children can bounce and much more.

Interactive Games

Interactive games are games that you play with another person. Examples of these types of games are oversized boxing event, and obstacle courses.