Concessions -

Cotton Candy Machine with Supplies

Prices: All Day - $60

Do you want your party to be unique? Well of course you do and how many people serve cotton candy at their parties? Sure you get cotton candy at the fair but that only comes around once a year. Look at the great success cotton candy has at the fair. Everyone buys a bag or gets it on a cone. It's one of the things everyone looks forward to when the fair comes. So just think of how it would be if it were at your personal party, charity function, company picnic or just a sleep over for your kids. If it is a hit for a big organization like the fair, your function will be the talk of the town.

Snow Cone Machine with Supplies

Prices: All Day- $60

Looking for a delicious treat? Snow Cones are the way to go! You have multiple flavors to choose from that will suit all of your guests tastes. Tall or short, young or old, everyone loves snow cones. Snow cones are a great solution when you are short on ideas of what to serve that everyone is bound to love.